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How to enjoy your dive without the after-dive energy crash!

Have you ever gone diving on an empty stomach? If you have, I am sure you will remember it wasn’t a great idea. The dive was beautiful but interrupted every 10 minutes by your stomach grumbling.

You saw so many beautiful things but maybe your vision was a little blurry. Finishing your dive, you felt drained, thirsty, and light headed and needed to eat something NOW!

You reach for the first thing which is a piece of bread that momentarily makes you feel better but will bring a mega energy crash later. The rest of your vacation day in a beautiful place is spent napping to reset your energy levels.

What if I told you this didn’t have to be your after-dive experience? How you choose to feed your body before and after a dive is essential to maximize your dive and the rest of your day!

Scuba diving is a beautiful experience and it can be even more amazing if your body is functioning at a high level. This is achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a clean diet.

At Bathouse Café we strive to offer you the best foods to enhance your dive experience and finish with a good healthy after dive boost.

The foods you choose to fuel your body before a dive is essential to maintaining energy, stamina and keep you feeling strong and alert during your dive. There are many foods to choose from, here are some of the items we recommend. Fruit such as bananas and apples are great in the morning.

Bananas are great for calories and help with muscle cramping. Apples are high in fiber and natural sugar to help sustain energy. Eggs are a great source of protein before and after your dive. Some really good power foods are spinach, brown rice and nuts. Spinach is easy to digest, aids it keeping the body full and is loaded with magnesium to also help with muscle cramping.

Brown rice, a good source of healthy carbohydrates will help keep your body warm and give your body the energy it needs to burn while diving. Nuts, naturally high in healthy fats and protein will give your body energy that lasts.

We want you to enjoy your dive from start to finish as well as your vacation to this beautiful place we call home!